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Rosie Tadman

1st Class BA (Hons), Dip NT (CNM)

You can find me on Instagram (mainly stories) and Facebook. Although, since my Instagram account was hacked in 2022 (Instagram did nothing to help!)  it made me reassess how I wanted to share information. I have decided my monthly newsletter is where I want to focus my efforts and share information on nutrition, fertility and female hormones – you can sign-up to my monthly newsletter here.

I’ve always had an interest in people, which initially led me to a career in Human Resources. Although I enjoyed my job, I always had the desire to do something I was passionate about, and in my early 20s I realised that was health and nutrition.

I took the leap and decided to study a 3-year course in Naturopathic Nutrition at the college of Natural Medicine (London). I started my studies in September 2014 and I haven’t looked back since. I am so fortunate to have found ‘my calling’ – I love the detective side of my work where I piece together complicated medical histories, testing, seeing where the functional testing gaps are and devising doable, tailored and hopefully enjoyable ‘next steps’ protocols for my clients.

I have changed my own health through food –  had awful IBS to the point where I had some embarrassing accidents! It was only when I went down the functional or root-cause approach that I found out I had parasites. I did some tailored parasite protocols and my IBS and acne cleared up.  I used to see food as something you need to have but not have too much of to remain thin – calories being the focus. I now see food as information we are giving our bodies and a way we can support our bodies back into balance.

When I graduated from CNM I worked for the NHS on a Diabetes Prevention Programme (called X-PERT) which was a mix of nutrition advice and group coaching. I learnt loads but I knew I wanted to open my private practice, supporting women to achieve their health goals.

I love my job and feel privileged every day that individuals let me into their lives at a time they feel most vulnerable, and allow me to support them through their health challenges.

A little bit more...

I live in Manchester (Chorlton) with my husband Ben and 2 kids (Theia and Iver). I enjoy reading, all the books I read are non-fiction including tons of nutrition (obviously), female health (obviously) and human behaviour books. There is nothing minimalist about my bookshelves, but as Marie Kondo says ‘If they bring you joy, keep them!’ and they bring me so much joy!

​I enjoy playing squash, salsa dancing, doing crafty bits at home (with varying success) and getting out in nature. I am an extroverted-introvert or an introverted-extrovert. In Human Design I am a Projector for the more woo readers.

Anyway, this is starting to sound more like a Tinder profile, so I will leave it there. The best place to find me is on Instagram.

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