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My Values

As a Nutritional Therapist I recognise that many people approach me for support, during a time of deep vulnerability. Therefore, I want to explicitly call out the values I work within, when you are working with me.

Integrity and Kindness

  • I will never manipulate you, or use fear-based language to encourage you to work with me. I trust those who want support from me, will find me.
  • All prices for my services are online clearly on my website – no needing to contact me to find out how much my services are.
  • I will never sell you a specific outcome – I recognise this isn’t possible

Knowledge and Wisdom

  • I am committed to continually learning and unlearning within my field of work to ensure I can be the best practitioner I can be.
  • I appreciate there are times my clients want and need me to be the expert – I believe there is value in this.  However, my aim is for me to become redundant and for you to have the knowledge and wisdom of your own body, nourishment and health, so that you no longer require my services.

Accessibility and Inclusion

  • Whatever gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religion – you are all welcome. Fertility issues can affect anyone and I enjoy working with individuals in all their diversity.
  • I recognise that within nutrition and wellbeing it is important to tailor it to different cultures and origins.
  • There are lower cost options available; including my ‘Power Hour’ and my Online Nutrition for Fertility E-course. This enables those who want, need or can only afford a lower cost option to have the option to still work with me. I do not up-sell packages for the sake of my finances, and payment options for packages are available.

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