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“I would highly recommend Rosie’s fertility nutrition services. I was looking for some guidance to optimise my egg health and fertility pre-lUI treatment. It was wonderful to receive guidance on my diet/supplements but also how Rosie looked at my individual journey and encouraged me to take a holistic view of my fertility.

She was caring, empathetic and clearly extremely up to date with her knowledge. She made me feel comfortable during our virtual meetings and encouraged me to come to my own conclusions about what needed to change in my lifestyle. Therefore, my plan felt personal, clear and achievable. I felt able to ask questions, however small and learned so much about fertility in our meetings. I was lucky enough to be successful on my second IUI and I’m thankful to Rosie for being part of that process!”

- Client

After initially completing Rosie’s insightful Fertility Nutrition e-Course, I contacted Rosie to get some 1 :1 advice on how to get my body in the best possible condition to conceive. 

I found Rosie’s holistic approach to fertility and nutrition extremely insightful and helpful. Rosie spent time with both me and my partner, providing useful tips and guidance, along with a 30-day gut reset plan for me and suggestions regarding supplements for fertility for both of us. 

Three months after my initial consultation with Rosie, my partner and I found out that we were pregnant. I have no doubt that a contributing factor was the lifestyle and nutritional changes that my partner and I made following Rosie’s advice. I couldn’t recommend Rosie highly enough to anyone looking for fertility and related nutritional support. 

- Client

After nearly 3 years of trying to conceive and 2 failed rounds of IVF, me and my husband started to lose hope, but then we met Rosie who immediately made us feel positive for our 3rd round of IVF. Me and my husband loved Rosie’s nutrition plan and it also made us feel positive as we were able to do something to help towards the IVF.

Rosie has been there every step of the way, always giving us her amazing advise and support. When we found out we had got an expanded blastocyst (after only getting average embryo’s) we honestly believe this was all down to Rosie’s nutrition plan. We will always be forever grateful to Rosie for making our dream come true … we now have our little miracle on the way.

Thankyou Rosie for everything you have done for us on our fertility journey and your continued support during our now pregnancy journey, you are one in a million!. 

- Client

I started working with Rosie sometime last year after having 3 miscarriages followed by 3 failed IVF transfers. My head was not in a strong place, I’d begun to believe we would never reach our hope of having a baby & was feeling quite down & negative. Our IVF team, although great, offered no complimentary support other than drugs & medical (expensive!) tests to explore our options, & I also felt quite powerless & passive in the whole process. 

A friend recommended I get in touch with Rosie for an initial consult, just to see if she could offer any help & support … well!! My first consult alone was so empowering. It was like Rosie didn’t see an end without me getting pregnant- this staggered me, her faith & optimism was so encouraging. On our initial consult of 30 mins ish she saw so many gaps in my care- supplements that could help me specifically, diet changes I could make, tests which could answer some questions. Her fee for the programme is really a drop in the ocean when you add up the money haemorrhaged into the IVF world! 

I set too with lots of supplements (as did my husband after his consult with her) & tried really hard to follow the dietary changes she suggested. I also continued temp tracking with natural cycles & after a few months I could see positive changes in my cycle. A big shift also happened in my own head space, taking on Rosie’s belief that one way or the other, we’d get there. Those of you reading this review who are taking on IVF will know how huge this is- IVF becomes your world/sole focus, we consume knowledge about ‘what is wrong with us’ so to shift my head space back to just being positive (& dare I say almost a bit excited again!) is a big thing! 

For our next IVF cycle I felt more positive, like whatever the outcome, I’d done my besUgiven myself the best chance … & low & behold it worked . I was an anxious wreck, having lots of bleeding in the first 6 weeks & not daring to believe this one would be our happy ending, but scan after scan (6/8/10/12 weeks!!) our baby was still there, growing appropriately. 

I am now almost 22 weeks & feel lots of movements from her. Our 20 week scan was fine & so my head is really starting, daring, to believe this is our time.  I know Rosie believed in us, more than we did ourselves from the word go, & has always been there throughout this journey to support us, even this week when I reached out for help with persistent thrush Qoys!) 

They say it takes a village to raise a child, well for us it took a village to make one too! Our IVF team doing all the clever medical stuff, & Rosie keeping the normality balance with her knowledge & expertise. I have ZERO doubt in my mind that Rosie was the change that made this IVF cycle work for us, there are not enough words to thank for that. 

- Client

I started a nutritional plan with Rosie after a year of trying to conceive our second child. I cannot express how much Rosie helped us both emotionally and nutritionally on our journey. Rosie’s expertise and guidance helped get my body in top tip condition and helped me to reframe how I was viewing my fertility. I gave birth to my healthy baby girl in September 2020 and am so thankful to Rosie for her help! 

- Client

Rosie was a calming, positive person who came along at just the right time for me. Instead of fixating on ovulation dates and my cycle – which can get very consuming -suddenly I had the much more gratifying and positive focus of maximising my health. Rosie was empathetic, realistic, pragmatic, and kind. Just what I needed. 

Though I went to see Rosie about fertility, and became pregnant shortly afterwards – perhaps because I relaxed – the effects were even more far reaching. Hormones impact on so many critical aspects of life that through tackling my diet and rebalancing my body, I was able to improve my sleep, regulate my mood and eliminate a near constant cold. Poor sleep and a rubbish immune system were two things that I thought were innate within my nature. Rosie showed me that didn’t have to be the case.

- Sophie Bonner

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